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Where Experience Meets Innovation

Are you ready to be part of a groundbreaking mentoring experience that defies convention? With over 50% of our members under the age of 35, we have a remarkable opportunity to reshape mentorship dynamics through the MentorVERSE series. Join us at the upcoming MentorVERSE reverse mentoring event, where collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing take centre stage. 

Together, let's harness the power of collaboration, bridge generations, and pave the way for innovation in the actuarial profession. 
Sydney Event
Thursday, 5 October 2023
Actuaries Institute 
Melbourne Event
Thursday, 26 October 2023
The Wine Room, The Westin

About MentorVERSE

MentorVERSE is not your typical mentoring program – it's a dynamic peer-to-peer initiative that celebrates reciprocal learning.

How MentorVERSE Works

We're flipping the traditional mentoring model on its head, empowering young actuaries to become mentors and share their fresh perspectives with seasoned professionals for an insightful 45-minute catch-up. This unique setup fosters an environment where knowledge flows freely in all directions, ensuring a diverse range of insights are shared.

Who Can Participate?

Both mentors and mentees need to be current members of the Actuaries Institute. Mentees should be aged 35+, while mentors should be 35 years and under. 

MentorVERSE caters to the diverse needs of members across all career stages. Whether you're an established professional seeking fresh insights or an aspiring actuary eager to connect, this initiative promises something exceptional.

Be Prepared for Impact

Each session will have a specific focus, allowing participants to organise their thoughts beforehand.

Session 1 will delve into what motivates and drives Gen Z in the workplace. Get ready to engage in dynamic discussions and share your perspectives.

Spaces are limited, so get in early to secure your spot. For more information, contact the Institute’s Member Engagement Manager, Kelly Holcroft.

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Why attend?

MentorVERSE is your chance to tap into a wealth of experiences, insights, and expertise. Mentors and mentees alike stand to gain valuable benefits:

Mentor Benefits

  • Grow leadership and communication skills

  • Expand networks

  • Gain new and valuable perspectives

  • Strengthen professional reputation

  • Give back to and strengthen the actuarial profession


Mentee Benefits

  • Gain valuable perspectives and insights

  • Build connections and networks

  • Enhance insights into emerging technologies

  • Continued growth and development

  • Intergenerational collaboration opportunities

How do I register?

Mentors and mentees need to register their interest using the buttons below as mentoring partnerships will be matched before the event, so we must know who is coming!

Space for MentorVERSE is also limited, so participants are encouraged to be quick to secure their spot.

The difference between mentor and mentees

In MentorVERSE, mentors are actuaries under the age of 35 years or have under 15 years work experience. 

Mentees are actuaries over the age of 35 or have over 15 years of work experience.