New Corporate Identity

In October 2011, the Institute launched its new corporate identity, the first change to the look of the Institute’s brand since 1996.

Why change the corporate identity?

In the 15 years since the last change, the media we use to communicate with members and other stakeholders has changed dramatically. Our logo now needs to work in digital media including the internet, email and social media as well as hard copy publications like newsletters and event signage.

One of our key strategic objectives is to “enhance the brand of actuary”. While the Institute is a not-for-profit organisation, it still competes in the marketplace. Our target markets include employers, businesses, policy makers and students. Our competitors include other professional bodies and other professions. In comparison to these organisations our previous identity looked dated and this affects perceptions of our brand. Evolving the corporate identity will enhance our brand, the reputation of the Institute and the value of our professional designation.

In the past our corporate identity addressed an internal audience. Today it needs to appeal to the wide range of external stakeholders noted above.

Our Public Relations consultants have told us that the Institute’s relatively long and complicated name (the Institute of Actuaries of Australia) is limiting our ability to capture media profile for our many contributions to policy debates. Editors and sub-editors are constantly working within tight word counts and our new commercial name will be more media friendly.

The new corporate identity has been conceived as an evolution, not a revolution. The new logo retains traditional elements like the sigma and delta symbols. In legal terms, we are still the Institute of Actuaries of Australia.

What does it mean for you?

You will soon see the new identity at Institute events and on digital communication to members and other stakeholders. It will be rolled out over time into items such as promotional material and corporate gifts. To reduce the costs of this identity change, updates to stationery will also be implemented gradually.

Importantly, the traditional Institute logo of ‘Father Time’ and our full name will still appear on all qualification documents.


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