2012 Year in Review

The journey of the Actuarial Profession continues and one of the roads which it is travelling down is sign-posted “data”.  One actuarial academic we spoke to this year said his dream is for young actuaries to “own” the data management field. It makes sense – we, the world, created 1.8zb of new data in 2011 and businesses and governments around the world are crying out for people who can synthesise that data, see the risks and opportunities it reveals and drive the strategic activity required to adapt.

That’s what actuaries have been doing for decades – drawing insights from information and harnessing data to drive change. Now, and in the future, the tools may be different, but the skills, aptitudes and attitudes are the same.

Actuaries are trained to solve problems and provide clarity – whether that’s in traditional fields like insurance, superannuation and investment or newer specialties like enterprise risk management and what Ogilvy & Mather call Math Marketing – the use of data management to capture marketing opportunities.

We saw that process at work in 2012, where the Institute’s increased public policy output included an analysis of the real flood risks facing the country’s biggest city (When Sydney Becomes an Inland Sea, We’ll Need the Pool,). We also produced a landmark study of Australia’s Longevity Tsunami (Australia’s Longevity Tsunami – What Should We Do?). These initiatives included not just in-depth analysis but clear, concrete proposals on how to manage the problems.

Australian actuaries continue to work around the world. From the 4,000+ members of the Institute, 900 are practising internationally. In 2013, the Institute is reinforcing its efforts to service this important and expanding cohort more effectively.

In 2013, the Institute will also be highlighting the profession’s strengths to the marketplace and driving greater recognition for the profession and all its people.

The theme for the 2012 Year in Review is to highlight key areas of activity and achievement for the profession and report on the business performance of the Institute.

Further detailed information on professional standards, professional conduct, the activities of Council and the various practice areas, are published on the website, in Actuaries magazine and through regular bulletins and newsletters.

Download the complete 2012 Year in Review.

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