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As the sole professional body for actuaries in Australia, the Actuaries Institute represents the interests of its members to Government, the business community and the general public.  Actuaries assess risks through long-term analyses, modelling and scenario planning across a wide range of business problems. This unrivalled expertise enables the profession to comment on a range of business-related issues including enterprise risk management and prudential regulation, retirement income policy, finance and investment, general insurance, life insurance, health financing, and climate change.

Committed to maintaining the quality, integrity and high professional standard of practicing actuaries, the Institute has established a Code of Professional Conduct requiring the development and review of Professional Standards. A disciplinary process enforces the Code and Standards.

The Institute fosters growth within the profession by providing pre-qualification education services to aspiring actuaries and conducts a program of continued professional development for its members.

The Institute also manages a series of study programs, forums, special interest seminars and events to keep its members abreast of key industry issues and trends while networking with their professional peers

Vision and Mission


To position the profession so that wherever there is uncertainty of future financial outcomes, actuaries are sought after for their valued advice and authoritative comment.


  • To support the professional and career aspirations of its members: To provide or arrange effective pre-qualification education and valued and inclusive continuing professional development programs and forums.
  • To promote research and the development of actuarial science and support the expansion of the profession into new areas of endeavour.
  • To provide practice guidance to help actuaries provide professional services of high quality and to maintain and enforce sound professional standards to protect the public and the reputation of the profession.
  • To represent the profession in Australia, and develop and promote the actuarial profession’s value, including contributing to and informing debate on public policy and business issues.
  • To meet member service needs and expectations, including efficient Secretariat operation and financing, and provide valued member communications.

Strategic Plan

The Institute operates under a three year strategic plan, which sets out the key objectives and priorities for the relevant period.

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Presidential Address

The Presidential Address provides a platform for the newly elected President to address members about his or her views on the profession, plans for the future and topical issues affecting actuaries.

The Address delivered to members is accompanied by a more detailed publication containing the views of the President.

This publication is circulated to all members either just prior or immediately after the official Address is given (which takes place in Melbourne and Sydney).

The Address also provides members with the opportunity to engage in dialogue with the newly elected President about the issues raised in the Presidential Address and any other issues members see as important for the actuarial profession.


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