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Keynote Address

Ita Buttrose Audio

Plenary 1
Get Ahead of the Pack

Jim Minto Presentation Audio Webcast

Kevan Gosper Webcast

Q & A Audio Webcast

Presenter and Chair Briefing

Melinda Howes

Plenary 2
Stay Ahead of the Risk

Joshua Corrigan Presentation Audio Webcast

Ian Laughlin Presentation Audio Webcast

Narelle Pyne Presentation Audio Webcast

Q & A Audio Webcast

Concurrent 1
ICAAP: Current State and Future Challenges

Bozenna Hinton, Kent Wong

Presentation Audio

Trauma Insurance – Want to Play the Lottery?

André Dreyer, Michael Richardson, Kate Gillmore

Paper Presentation Audio

New Therapies for Advanced Cancers: Can Our Society Afford Them? Is It Ethical To Deny Patients Access To Them?

Anthony Lowe

Paper Presentation Audio

An Analysis of Temporal Effects on Correlations between Asset Classes and the Implication for Investment Strategies of Superannuation Funds

Glenn Langton, Bernie Yu

Paper Presentation Audio

Trends in the Life and Wealth Industry with a Focus on Product Development

Clive Levinthal

Presentation Audio

Actuaries and Research – Why it Matters and How We Are Doing it

Jules Gribble, John Evans

Presentation Audio

Concurrent 2
Pandemic Risk – “Life Insurer's Black Swan”

Yan Sun, Pierre Vende

Presentation Audio

Post Retirement Funding in Australia

Anthony Asher

Paper Presentation Audio

The Emergence of Selective Lapsation Effects in Australasian YRT Business

Martyn Gilling, Duncan Rawlinson

Paper Presentation Audio

Unorthodox Economics and Mathematics of Possible Use to Actuaries

Frank Ashe

Presentation Audio

Long Term Care Insurance: A Survey of Insurer Attitudes

Bridget Browne

Paper Presentation Audio

Extra-Terrestrial Influences on Nature's Risks
Concurrent 3
The Appointed Actuary and ICAAP

Jennifer Lang

Presentation Audio

Inflation and Other Risks of Unsound Money

Martin Hickling

Paper Presentation Audio

Board Leadership in a Complex World – Optimising Value from Risk and Opportunity

Sean McGing, Andrew Brown

Abstract Paper Presentation Audio

Actuarial Valuation of the NZ Social Welfare System
Application of Risk Management in Non–Financial Services Industry

Gloria Yu, Peter Matrugliot

Presentation Audio

Incurred Claims Assessment: A Private Health Insurance Study

David McSweeney

Paper Tables FlipChart Audio

Plenary 3
Think Ahead – Actuaries In Strategy

Introduction Audio Webcast

Brett Ward Presentation Audio Webcast

Diana Eilert Presentation Audio Webcast

Donna Walker Presentation Audio Webcast

Adam Driussi Presentation Audio Webcast

Panel Discussion and Q & A Audio Webcast

Plenary 4
Demographic Time Bomb Ahead

Introduction Audio Webcast

Barry Rafe Audio Webcast

Richard Howes Audio Webcast

Lawrence Tsui Presentation Audio Webcast

Sophie Dyson Presentation Audio Webcast

Panel Discussion and Q & A Audio Webcast

Concurrent 4
Innovations in Operational Risk
Repercussions: How AIG's Insurance Subsidiaries were Affected by the Losses of AIG's Financial Products Group

Shauna Ferris

Paper Presentation Audio

And Now For Something Completely Different

Daniel Smith, Peter Eben, Adam Driussi


Listening to Get Ahead

Martin Mulcare

Presentation Audio

Viability of Weather Index Insurance in Managing Drought Risk in Australia

Adewuyi Ayodele Adeyinka

Paper Presentation Audio

Market IQ - Understanding the Drivers of Shareholder Return

Kevin Gomes, Cary Helenius, Graham Taylor

Presentation Audio

Concurrent 5
What Does Living Longer Mean for Me?

Louise Campbell, Tim Furlan

Paper Presentation Audio

Living LAGIC

Brendan Counsell, Rob Desoisa

Presentation Audio

Emerging Risk Assessment – Latest Practice and Innovations

Neil Allan, Joshua Corrigan

Paper Presentation Audio

Paying for Performance: Low Fees at the Expense of Alpha

Michael O'Neill, Ismar Tuzovic

Community Rating: More Trouble Than it's Worth?

Jamie Reid, Ashish Ahluwalia

Paper Presentation Audio

Holistic Business Cases

Richard Cornwell

Presentation Audio

Concurrent 6
Longevity: A Reinsurer's Global Perspective

Ilan Leas, Trevor McMahon

Paper Presentation Audio

Equity Release Products: Product Design, Pricing and Risk Analysis
Superannuation Financial Condition Reports in Practice

Jules Gribble

Presentation Audio

Life Insurance Risk Margins
The Winner's Curse in a Group Life Setting

Colin Yellowlees

Paper Presentation Audio

Social Media and Your Professional Success

Roger Christie, Thomas Tudehope

Presentation Audio

Concurrent 7
Risk Management – Common Sense or Rocket Science?

Jenni Sparks

Presentation Audio

Transforming the Life Insurance Industry – Lifestyle Based Analytics

Kim Cohen, John King

Presentation Audio

A Topic of Interest – How to Extrapolate the Yield Curve

Peter Mulquiney, Hugh Miller

Paper Presentation Audio

Leadership and Life Insurance Failures – What can we Learn about Financial Leadership?

Andrew Brown, Bimal Balasingham

Paper Presentation Audio

Contemporary Issues in Private Health Insurance
Funeral Cover – Is There Another Way?

Robert Sorbello

Presentation Audio

Concurrent 8
Economic Capital for Life Insurers

Anton Kapel, Daniel Antioch, Eric Tsui

Paper Presentation Audio

Fearless Leadership – Where Neuroscience Meets Leadership
The Market Price of Insurance Risk

Jon Tindall

Presentation Audio

Wealth Management 2018 – Five Years of FOFA and Stronger Super

Alex Stitt, Hoa Bui, Ronna Ludgate

Presentation Audio

The Investment Environment and Retirement Income Alternatives

Greg Vaughan

Paper Presentation Audio

What's Up in Asia

Andrew Linfoot

Paper Presentation Audio

Plenary 5
Get Balanced – Good Profits and Bad Profits

Introduction Audio Webcast

Greg Cooper Presentation Audio Webcast

Meredith Brooks Audio Webcast

Monica Barone Presentation Audio Webcast

Panel Discussion and Q & A Audio Webcast

Closing Remarks

Audio Webcast

Poster Sessions
Counting Carbon

Naomi Edwards

The Young Actuaries Program

Keri Lee

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Contribution to Business Strategy
Actuarial Approach to Problem Solving
Valuing Uncertain Future Cash Flow
Risk Management
Professional Governance
Product Development, Management and Pricing
Investment Advice and Governance
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