Keynote Speaker

Ian Harper
Partner, Deloitte Access Economics

Ian is one of Australia’s best known economists. He has worked closely with governments, banks, corporates and leading professional services firms at the highest level. Prior to his current role as Partner at Deloitte Access Economics, Ian held various roles at Melbourne Business School for over 16 years and was elected Emeritus Professor in recognition of his service on his departure. He has also served as inaugural Chairman of the Australian Fair Pay Commission (December 2005 – July 2009) and was one of three panelists on the Independent Review of State Finances in Victoria (January 2011 – February 2012). Ian is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia and the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Plenary Speakers

Ian Laughlin
Member, APRA

Ian was appointed as a Member of APRA on 1 July 2010 for a three-year term. Ian has extensive board and senior management experience in the Financial Services industry, including as Managing Director of the United Kingdom life insurance subsidiaries of AMP (Pearl, London Life and NPI) and as a Non-executive Director and Audit Committee Chairman of AMP Life. He has worked at AMP, Suncorp and National Mutual, in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Tim Clark
Chief Actuary, IAG

Tim is the Chief Actuary at IAG and leads their Group Actuarial and Capital function. Prior to joining IAG, he spent 19 years at Swiss Re, working in a variety of senior positions in Australia, Switzerland, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. With over 20 years of international experience as an Actuary and Risk Manager, Tim has led underwriting and pricing teams, operated as Appointed/Approved Actuary in multiple regulatory regimes throughout Asia, as well as Head of Group Operational Risk Management. He is a Fellow of the Actuaries Institute and his experience spans both the property and casualty (general insurance) and life and health insurance industries.

Blair Nicholls
Managing Director, Berkshire Hathaway Reinsurance International

Mr Nicholls has recently joined Berkshire Hathaway's National Indemnity reinsurance division to manage its reinsurance business in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific. This new role follows an 18 year career at QBE Insurance Group being the Chief Actuarial Officer and Head of Reinsurance for the Group since 2006. He has worked in roles both in Australia and overseas and been involved in the general insurance markets of over 50 countries around the world.

Charles Pollack
Chief Actuary, Youi

Charlie has been working in General Insurance for 18 years. Through that period he has focused on personal lines, in particular pricing analysis, pricing systems, customer behaviour and portfolio optimisation. Charlie was heavily involved in the implementation of the first full risk-address-pricing solution in the market and subsequently the introduction of full flood cover with risk- address-pricing. He was also a member of the Insurance Council of Australia's Flood Committee six years ago and has been in and around issues and analysis relating to flooding for over 10 years.

Peter Martin
Australian Government Actuary

Peter has been the Australian Government Actuary for most of this century. In this role, he has advised Government on a wide range of public policy matters. Following the 2011 floods he has dabbled in several aspects of policy around natural disaster relief and recovery. He is still dabbling in it.

Daniel Smith
Actuary, Taylor Fry
Vice President, Actuaries Institute

Daniel is an actuary at Taylor Fry and is currently the Vice President of the Actuaries Institute. In relation to the challenges faced by natural disasters, Daniel is of the view that although awareness is increasing, meaningful actions have been side-tracked and resilience is potentially only a dream.

Peter McCourt
Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers Actuarial

Peter is a Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers Actuarial and has over 13 years experience consulting to general insurance companies and accident compensation schemes. For a number of years he has been interested in the way that property losses from natural disasters are funded post-event and at the 2010 General Insurance Seminar he co-wrote a paper on the topic. The paper highlighted the variable nature of post-event funding and concluded that a natural disaster insurance scheme would be a good thing for Australia. He still holds this view.

Dave Sinai
Head, Property Treaty Underwriting ANZ and Director, Property & Specialty, Swiss Re

David started his career at Swiss Re 15 years ago as a natural catastrophe analyst and then as an underwriter. In 2003 he became the Head of Property Treaty Underwriting for Australia and New Zealand, focusing on managing a market-leading portfolio of Catastrophe Excess of Loss treaty business for the last several years. David holds a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Earth Sciences, is a co-author of the Swiss Re publication "Natural Perils in Australia and New Zealand" and holds positions on both the Leadership Team of Swiss Re Australia Branch and Risk Frontiers Advisory Board.

Darren Robb
Senior Manager of Actuarial Research, Allianz Australia

Darren is the Senior Manager of Actuarial Research at Allianz Australia and is responsible for pricing and monitoring across their general insurance products. He has worked in the General Insurance industry for 13 years in both corporate and consulting roles, with a particular focus on the CTP schemes. He has been involved in premium rate filings for the NSW CTP scheme since the current scheme began in 1999. He is currently the chair of the Actuary Institute's working party on Profit Margins.

Estelle Pearson
Managing Director, Finity

Estelle is Finity’s Managing Director and is a qualified actuary with 20 years experience in general insurance. She has worked with a large number of clients in both the private and public sectors on a diverse range of actuarial and strategic issues. Her particular areas of expertise include medical malpractice insurance, CTP insurance, public liability and professional indemnity insurance, reinsurance and lenders mortgage insurance. She graduated from Oxford University in 1985 with BA (Hons) Mathematics. Estelle became a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia in 1991 and holds a number of Appointed Actuary and External Peer Review Actuary positions.

Andrew Nicholls
Acting General Manager, Motor Accidents Authority

Andrew has been the Acting General Manager of the Motor Accidents Authority (MAA) since November 2010, having joined the MAA as Deputy General Manager in March 2010. Andrew has more than 25 years experience in a number of policy, strategy and planning roles for the NSW Government. Prior to joining the MAA, he was the Director of Policy and Reform at NSW Transport & Infrastructure. Andrew is currently a Director of the Personal Injury Education Foundation and former Vice President of the NSW Institute of Public Administration Australia.

Vicki Mullen
General Manager, Consumer Relations and Market Development, Insurance Council of Australia

Vicki has been the General Manager, Consumer Relations and Market Development at the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) since January 2012. She is a lawyer with more than 18 years of experience in legal, public policy and regulatory affairs. Previously, Vicki was a Senior Policy Manager at the Financial Services Council (FSC) and responsible for the FSC's Life Insurance Board Committee. She has also worked for IAG (Senior Manager in CTP), the Actuaries Institute (Director of Governance), a senior NSW Minister, the NSW Cabinet Office and the NSW Parliament. She holds a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws, a Master of Laws and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

Scott Fergusson
Partner, PwC

Scott is the Insurance Sector Leader for PwC Australia. Scott has been with PwC for over 20 years focusing on providing assurance services and advice to insurers and other businesses involved in wealth creation and protection. He also has experience in due diligence, regulatory compliance, risk advice and change delivery services. Scott chairs PwC’s quarterly Insurance CFO discussion group lunches and is responsible for PwC’s leading publication in the Australian insurance sector, Insurance Facts & Figures.

Keri Lee
Senior Consultant, PwC

Keri is a Senior Consultant at PwC in the General Insurance team. She specialises in the pricing, incentive structure calculations and monitoring of accident compensation schemes. Previously Keri worked part-time as a tutor for the Actuarial Department at Macquarie University and developed a passion for teaching and effective communication with her fellow peers and students. Keri has a Bachelor of Commerce – Actuarial Studies and Bachelor of Applied Finance and is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia. She is active in the actuarial community as President of the Young Actuaries Program and a volunteer for the Actuaries Institute.

Ash Evans
Actuary, Taylor Fry

Ash is a recent addition to the actuarial ranks. Having completed his PhD in 2008, Ash joined Taylor Fry in order to change the world. Everybody agreed that this was ambitious for somebody who doesn’t know how to change his car’s oil. Ash became a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia in 2011. He specialises in personal lines, providing insurers with risk pricing and demand modeling advice. As a member of Taylor Fry Analytics, he provides tailored solutions to complex problems.

Gloria Yu
Director, Deloitte

Gloria is a Director at Deloitte, where she is building the General Insurance actuarial practice. She has been working in the General Insurance industry since 2001 and has experience in various corporate and consulting firms. Prior to joining Deloitte, Gloria worked at Westpac/BT on the merger between Westpac and St George. She is heavily involved with the Actuaries Institute and has served on the Council since 2009. Gloria is a member of the Audit & Risk Council Committee, the Public Policy Council Committee, the Leadership Council Committee and the Risk Management Practice Committee. She has a strong interest in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and has worked on developing strategic and operational plans for ERM within the actuarial profession. Gloria has also assisted with the Institute’s education program in numerous capacities.

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