Concurrent Sessions

Actuaries and Value

  • The General Insurance Industry and the Actuarial Profession in 2020 - Garth Brooker, Mudit Gupta, Tony Beirne, Suruchi Joshi Singh and Sylvia Wong
  • Emerging Technological Trends in General Insurance - David Crowther 
  • Optimising Insurance Strategies - David McNab, Francis Beens
  • The Limitations of Being Human: An Empirical Study of Actuarial Decision Making - Joseph Valenti, Ben Edwards
  • How Material is Material? - Martin Stollwitzer
  • Reinsurance Optimisation for Non-exec DirectorsGIPC Working Party

Claims and Reserving

  • Seeing the Bigger Picture in Claims Reserving - Julie Sims
  • Risk Margins – Have We Come Full Circle? - Win-Li Toh, Chris Latham
  • ICRC – modeling the Natural Perils, what to look out for? - ICRC working Party
  • ICRC – Modeling the ‘Other Accumulations’ Component - ICRC working party


  • Class Actions and Litigation Funding – Insurance Market Impacts - Geoff Atkins ,Susie Amos
  • Gauging the Tort Temperature in Australia - Geoff Atkins, Francis Beens, Stephen Lee
  • Practical Guide to Commercial Insurance Pricing - Alina Pettifer, James Pettifer
  • Convex Optimization Perspective on Dynamic GLMs with Applications to Automated Portfolio Monitoring - Dimitri Semenovich, Michael McLean 
  • The Market Price of Insurance Risk - Jon Tindall
  • Inside the Minds of Insurance Customers - Susan Ley, Andrei Stadnik
  • Variance of Technical Cost Incorporating Parameter - Chris Morton
  • International Developments in Usage Based Insurance - Joshua Ailwood
  • An Integrated, Segment Based Approach to Pricing Decision Making - Nelson Henwood, Colin Brigstock
  • Profit Margins in Regulated General Insurance Markets - Profit Margins Working Party

Risk Management

  • Risk Management and FCRs in General Insurance - Brett Riley
  • Achieving Business Engagement with Risk AppetiteA Choice Modelling Approach - Matt Hodson, Warrick Gard, Vivian Tse
  • Alternative Risk Transfer – Capital Markets Update - Alan Ng
  • ICAAP - A Case Study - Sharanjit Paddam, Martin Fry
  • Government Risk Management of Physical Assets in Respect of Natural Disaster Risk - Jefferson Gibbs, Melissa Yan
  • Model Evaluation & Non Modelled Elements in Catastrophe ModelsAndrew Hulme
  • Practical Stress Testing using Realistic Disaster Scenarios for Australia and New Zealand - Will Gardner

The Natural Environment

  • Gaining the Upper Hand on the Weather - Tim Andrews, Rashi Bansal
  • Weather Cycles – What’s in it for Insurers - Tim Andrews, Sean West
  • Are You Climate-Proof? - Evelyn Chow
  • How Seismic Activity Changes the Actuarial Landscape - Adrian Korbel

The State of the Market

  • To Privatise Accident Compensation Schemes or Not?– Stakeholder Views - Bevan Damm, Andrew Doughman
  • Asia - Arrive, Survive, Thrive - Hardik Dalal, Matt Hodson, William Liang, Merry Tang
  • Keeping it Real – Another Look at Real Interest Rates - Peter Mulquiney, Hugh Miller
  • Profit or Bust? What Are the Latest Trends in Public Liability and Professional Indemnity - Samantha Fuller, Ruth Lisha, Scott Duncan
  • Premium Regulation in Privatised Accident Compensation Schemes – Considerations & an International Perspective - Bevan Damm, Andrew Doughman & Peter McCarthy
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