Concurrent Sessions

Actuarial Practice

  • Post Event Demand Surge - Jaykishan Jeyendran
  • Solvency II One-year and Ultimate Year Risk Horizons, Technical Provisions (TP) and Market Value Margins (MVM) for Long Tail LOBs - David Odell
  • Inflation Risk in General Insurance - John DeRavin, Mike Fowlds
  • Towards a Better Inflation Forecast - Hugh Miller
  • Risk Margin Monitoring - Julie Sims
  • Achieving Finality – The Commutation Process - Lucy Simpson, Alexander Kwa

Claims and Reserving

  • The Rise and Rise of Hybrid Modelling - Hugh Miller
  • The Empirical Evaluation of Moral Hazard: Claims Versus Survey Data - David Rowell
  • Impact of Worker-to-Worker Claims in a Liability Portfolio - Yan Zhao, Benoit Laganiere 
  • Legal, Medico Legal, Medical Providers – Does the Choice of Provider Influence Claim Results in Bodily Injury/Liability Claims? - Aaron Cutter, Darren Robb
  • Public Liability Personal Injury Claims – an Investigation of Post Tort-Reform Trends by Head of Damage - Adam Searle, John Barker, Andrew Cohen
  • Stochastic Reserving with Bayesian Models: Can it Add Value? - Francis Beens, Scott Collings, Amitoz Gill, Lynn Bui
  • Injury Compensation and Health Outcomes: Concepts and Problems of Measurement - Natalie Spearing
  • Thoughts on Large and Unusual Claims - Felix Tang, Laurel Kong
  • Home Warranty Insurance – Taming the Ups and Downs of the Building Cycle - Peter Hardy, Ben Knight
  • Is Compensation “Bad for Health”? A Systematic Meta-Review - Natalie Spearing
  • An Overview of Consumer Insurance - Kevin Gomes, Marcus Arena

Industry Study 

  • Natural Catastrophes in Australia: Issues of Funding and Insurance - Chris Latham, Peter McCourt
  • Reinsurance Efficiency and Market Value Added - David Maneval
  • Risk and Capital Management - What Can We Learn from the Noughties? - Brett Gould, David Whittle, Victoria Tidmas
  • Australian Insurance Trading Results – Historical and International Comparisons - Adrian Gould, Sharanjit Paddam
  • Implications from the annual JP Morgan Deloitte GI Industry Surveys - Elaine Collins, Catherine Dube
  • A Statistical Basis for Claims Experience Monitoring - Greg Taylor
  • Premium, Claims and Profit – A Class by Class Analysis of the Australian General Insurance Market - Estelle Pearson
  • Solvency II - How Insurance Companies are Changing in Europe - Matt Hodson
  • International Updates - Lisa Simpson
  • IASB Exposure Draft on Insurance Contracts - Summary of Draft Submissions  - Bob Buchanan
  • Insurance Risk Study

Pricing and Distribution

  • Understanding the Impact of New Entrants on the Australian General Insurance Market - Adam Driussi, Mitchell Prevett
  • Pricing When Only the Customer Can See - Yusuf Cakan, Matthew Loh, Siddharth Parameswaran
  • Leveraging Competitive Advantage Through Pricing, Marketing and Product Design - David Isaacs
  • Using Machine Learning Techniques to Enhance Predictive Models for Pricing - Nelson Henwood, John Yick, Wei Lin
  • Delivering Transparency and Flexibility in Pricing: the Buzz Insurance - Keith Forster, Ian Frew
  • Approach to Pricing Natural Perils - Ada Lui, Tim Andrews, David McNab
  • A new Approach to Common Challenges in Premium Rating: i1norm regularisation
  • Pricing/Ratemaking Survey - Working party

Risk Management

  • Strategic ERM – Using Capital Modeling to Align Your Business - Bartosz Piwcewicz, Karl Marshall, Stephen Wilson
  • Enterprise Risk Management & the Actuarial Profession in the General Insurance Industry - Gloria Yu, Ian Laughlin
  • Emerging Risks in an ERM Context - Daniel Smith, Andy White, David Maneval
  • Spotlight on Peer Review - Samantha Fuller, Win Li Toh
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