The Melville Financial Services Prize

Tig Melville

The Melville Financial Services Prize funded by the late Mr Tig Melville and will once again be presented to the author of a paper considered by the judging panel to have:

  • effected a significant advance in the profession’s understanding or knowledge of a specific subject or sphere of knowledge; or
  • collected or presented existing material in such a way as to raise the awareness of the profession regarding an important contemporary issue.

The Judging Panel will award a prize only if the subject paper is considered sufficiently meritorious. The monetary value of the prize is $4,500.


Financial Services Research Prize

The Actuaries Institute Research Council Committee (RCC) will be awarding a Financial Services Research Prize at the upcoming Financial Services Forum. The primary objective of the prize is to promote and recognise research with a focus on results that are of direct relevance to practising professional actuaries.

The prize will be awarded for the paper RCC considers best achieves the following criteria:

  • has immediate usefulness for practising actuaries;
  • is in a format that could be readily submitted for publication to an industry or academic journal, as a key aspect of relevance of research is its capacity to be disseminated (i.e. it is not just a set of PowerPoint slides);
  • achieves acceptance, endorsement and/or encouragement from those attending its presentation at the Forum; and
  • has a high standard of presentation, logic and clarity.

All concurrent session presentations will be considered.  The RCC will determine the recipient of the prize and the winner will be announced at the end of the Financial Services Forum.  The monetary value of the prize is $2,500.

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