Concurrent Sessions

Thinking Big

  • Living Until 120: the Implications for Absolutely Everything - Barry Rafe and Melinda Howes
  • Fundamental Change in the Global Economy and Its Impact on Australian Actuaries - Hugh Harley 
  • How to Think Big - Martin Mulcare
  • Fearless Leadership—where Neuroscience meets Leadership - Katharine McLennan
  • Think Big by Thinking Micro - Jules Gribble and Eamon Kelly

Life Insurance

  • Trends in Life Insurance Pricing and Opportunities for Analytical Techniques - Ting Lim, John King and Paul Swinhoe
  • Disability Income – “Have We Learnt Anything?” and “Where to Next?” - Hoa Bui 
  • Operationalisation of LAGIC ICAAP – Can Regulation Spawn Innovation?  - Trang Duncanson and Caroline Bennet
  • Group Insurance - Where Does the Operational Risk Lie? - Rhonda Virtue
  • Implementing Daily Solvency Monitoring – a Case Study - Josh Corrigan
  • International Solvency Regimes for Annuity Markets - Maathumai Nirmalendran, Michael Sherris and Katja Hanewald
  • ICAAP – What Does it Mean for Companies, and What Should Actuaries Be Doing About It? Jennifer Lang and Martin Paino

Superannuation and Retirement

  • Five Thoughts on Australia’s Ageing - Population Michelle Finlay and Catherine Nance
  • Reforming the Age Pension - Tim Higgins and Michael Rice
  • The Lifetime Harvesting Plan: Annuities with Sharing of Mortality and Investment Risks - Anthony Asher
  • APRA Prudential Standards for Superannuation - Super Risk Management and FCR Taskforec
  • Crediting Rates or Unit Prices – Lessons Learned in These Volatile Times - Stephen Huppert and Emma Robertson
  • Actuarial Challenges in Defined Contribution Schemes - Victor Chandra and Ramani Venkatramani
  • Are Defined Benefit Funds still Beneficial? - Greg Einfeld

Analytics and Marketing

  • Financial Services Applications for Customer and Business Analytics - Julie Prolov
  • Google Insights for Financial Services - Rohan Gifford
  • Predictive Analytics Applications in Retail Banking - Anthony Ugoni
  • Cross-Sell: The Growing Need to Diversify - James Hickey and Penny Butler
  • The Analytics of Loyalty – Qantas Frequent Flyer - Vaughan Chandler and Wade Tubman

Financial Planning

  • Financial Planning Frameworks of the Future - Craig McCulloch and Wade Matterson
  • Global Trends in Advice and Distribution - Anthony Bice
  • FOFA Opportunities and Challenges - Sarah Woodhouse and Paul Swinhoe
  • Implications of the Future of Financial Advice Reforms - Daniel Antioch and Patrick Brennan
  • Financial Planning - The Catholic Super Story - Tom Sammann

Investment and Markets

  • Financial Services Market Update – Post GFC - Ismar Tuzsovic
  • Latest Developments in Risk Management, Hedging and Capital Markets for Insurers - Victor Huang and Danny Wong
  • Foreseen and unforeseen – Use of Capital Markets to Manage Increased Longevity and Extreme Mortality - Paul Newland and Wade Matterson
  • Squeezing the Lemon – Driving Life Insurance Profitability in a Low Return Environment - Graham Harman and Whitlam Zhang
  • The Role of the Infrastructure Asset Class in Superannuation Funds in 2022 - Syd Bone
  • The Lifecycle Investing Debate - Wade Matterson and Chris Durack
  • Catastrophic Mortality Bonds: An Effective Hedge? - Bridget Browne, Alex Huynh and Aaron Bruhn 

Risk Management

  • Developing Risk Management Governance at a Not for Profit – a Case Study - Sean McGing
  • The End of the Equitable – a Case Study - Shauna Ferris
  • ERM: Theory, Practice and the Actuary - Young Goh and Michael Madani 
  • Developments in the Application of Complex Systems to ERM and Actuarial Work - Josh Corrigan
  • Measuring and Managing Risk Culture - John Nicholls and Lesley Brown
  • Operational Risk + Actuaries = Big Opportunity + Big Challenge - Jules Gribble


  • Fresh Insights – Australian/NZ Home Lending Default Risk - Tim Gorst
  • House Price Risk Models - Katja Hanewald and Michael Sherris
  • Hermes’ Staff:  Perspectives on Liquidity Risk in Banking - Nick Scott and Steve Claxton

Health Insurance

  • Capital Issues for a Mutual Health Fund in Australia - Sachi Purcal and Peter Carroll
  • Health Costs, Ageing, Superannuation - Ignatius Li and Stuart Rodger


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