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A synchronised webcast of each plenary session is now available. Also listed below are the top plenary speakers and concurrent sessions as nominated by delegates. You can access the full program of audio visual for Convention 2011 next to the relevant sessions in the detailed Convention Program below.

Top Plenary Sessions

Delegates felt the top ten plenary presentations most relevant to their professional needs were presented by Bernard Salt and Simon Longstaff (P3), Pauline Blight-Johnston (P2), Zac Roberts, Adam Driussi and Mike Barker (P5), Yolanda Beattie and Melinda Howes (P4) and Hazel McNeilage (P1).

Webcasts (video, audio, presentation)

Plenary 1 Speakers & Discussion– Desmond Smith, Seamus Creedon, Hazel McNeilage

Plenary 2 Speakers & Discussion– John Maroney, Pauline Blight-Johnston, Curt Zuber

Plenary 3 Speakers & Discussion– Bernard Salt, Simon Longstaff

Plenary 4 Speakers & Discussion– Barry Rafe, Melinda Howes, Peter Broadhead, Andrew Boal, Peter McCarthy, Yolanda Beattie and Kent Griffin

Plenary 5 Speakers & Discussion– Mike Barker, Zac Roberts, Tony Coleman, Kirsten Armstrong, Adam Driussi

Top Concurrent Sessions

  • Risk Appetite – Practical Implementation Issues – Kent Griffin. Presentation Audio
  • Managing Liquidity in Superannuation – Julies Gribble, Cary Helenius. Presentation Audio Paper
  • Seven Up: The Appointed Actuary in Australian Health Insurance Seven Year On – Stuart Rodger. Presentation Audio
  • Risk Equalisation 2020 – Is the Current System Sustainable? Jamie Reid. Paper Presentation Audio
  • Managing Systematic Mortality Risk with Group Self Pooling and Annuitisation Schemes – Mike Sherris, Chao Qiao.Paper Presentation Audio
  • Strategic Disinformation – Presented by Shauna Ferris. Presentation Audio
  • Approaches to Setting Capital for Investment Guarantees - Presented by John Nicholls and Ismar Tuzovic. Presentation Audio
    The Man Who Ate Himself - Why Overpopulation and Overuse of Resources Will Lead to Humanity's Demise – Presented by Anthony Vial. Presentation Audio

  • Using Data and Analytics to Drive Strategy Outside of Traditional Fields – Presented by Adam Driussi. Presentation Audio

  • The Likely Cost of Catastrophic Medical Injuries Under a National Disability Insurance Scheme - Presented by Jonathan Cohen, Linda Satchwell and Adrian Gould. Presentation Audio

  • Beyond Financial Institutions: How Well Do Actuaries Understand Company’s Risk Concerns? – Presented by Jenny Dean and Saffron Sweeney. Presentation Audio

  • Risk Appetite - What the CEO and Board Should Be Doing – Presented by Ian Laughlin. Presentation Audio

  • Women on Boards and in Senior Management – Presented by Jenny Lyon and Ruth Medd. Presentation Audio

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