Leadership through Personal Courage

  • Brent Duffy with John Newman and Melinda Howes (Hong Kong, Beijing & Shanghai)
  • Ant Williams with John Newman and Melinda Howes (Singapore)

The 2013 ASIA CPD Tour will focus on leadership and the courage required for actuaries to support their recommendations, explain their rationale, and be open to alternative views. Gain the courage and confidence to stay true to what what you think is right as an individual and as a profession.

Do not miss this valuable opportunity if you are an actuary who wishes to:

  • become more self-aware;
  • learn how to be courageous in business and make an impact; plus
  • empower yourself with courage when making decisions, influencing others and accepting new perspectives.

Places are limited so be courageous and click on your city to register today!

Beijing Shanghai Hong Kong Singapore

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Presented by US actuary and author of The Influential Actuary David C. Miller with David Goodsall and Melinda Howes, the 2012 CPD Tour was highly praised by attendees. Read reviews by participants in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra from the October edition of Actuaries.