Councurrent Sessions


  • Estelle Pearson and Ian BurninghamThe Long, Long Tail
  • John Walsh, Daniel Cooper, David Bowen, Michael Playford and Sarah JohnsonImplementation Considerations Related to the National Injury Insurance Scheme
  • Peter McCarthy, Bevan Damm, and David Bowen - Costs Risks in the Proposed National Injury Insurance Scheme (NIIS)
  • Richard Madden - Treat Disability Related to Injury the Same as Other Disabilities: Abolishing Fault Based Compensation

Claim Trends and Emerging Issues

  • Andrew Houltram - Lengthened Workers’ Compensation Tails – Implications for Self-Insurers
  • Geoff Atkins - UK Experience with Motor Bodily Injury Claims
  • Susan Ley, Vivian Tse, and Mary Poon - Emerging Themes in Accident Compensation Schemes
  • Rasa Ruseckaite and Alex Collie - Repeat Workers’ Compensation Claims: Risk Factors, Costs and Work Disability
  • Rosi Winn - An Examination of Accident Compensation Claims During Natural Hazard Events
  • Bevan Damm, Hardik Dalal and Yan Zhao - Characteristics of Tail Claims 

Claims Management Strategies

  • Michael Fitzharris, Alex Collie and Emily Kerr - Evaluation of the TAC Recovery and Independence Claims Management Initiatives
  • David Gifford and Sophie Holdenson - TAC Claims Management Transformation
  • Julie Evans and Len Boehm - Never Entirely Outsource Your Brain
  • Maree Dyson, Liz Cairns and Swee Chang - What is Working in Managing High Cost Claims: A Strategic Approach, Results, Data Design, Decision Guides and Individual Claims Estimates

Scheme Governance and Monitoring

  • Alex Gould and Kwame Atsu - Superimposed Inflation - An Elusive Concept
  • Steve Curley, Aaron Cutter and Andrew McInerney - Scheme Governance and Financial Management
  • Martin Fry and Rutger Keisjer - Dynamic Risk Modelling – A Case Study
  • Warren Dresner and Michael Crouch - Retrospective Reinsurance - Unlocking Value in the Balance Sheet
  • Peter Robertson and Darryl Frank - ACC - The Winds of Change

Scheme Design Factors

  • Raewin Davies and Alex Gould - How System Design Impacts the Funding Mix for People Injured in Accidents
  • Jamie Reid and Aaron Cutter - New Zealand Accident Compensation – What’s Happening?
  • Kevin Purse - Moral Hazard and Workers’ Compensation: Time for a Rethink?
  • Natalie Spearing, Louis Pobereskin, HS Nghiem and Luke Connelly - Does Compensation Lead to Worse Health or Does Worse Health Lead to Compensation? Why Both Possibilities Should be Considered
  • Ben Knight, Peter Hardy and Ben Edwards - The Role of Incentive Measures in Workers'  Compensation
  • David Rowell, Hong Son Nghiem and Luke Connelly - Empirical Evidence of Ex Post Moral Hazard in the Australian Market for Comprehensive Automobile Insurance
  • Samantha Cockfield and John Thompson - The Potential to Use Insurance and Other Markets to Reduce Road Trauma.

Outcome Measurement and Injury Management

  • Dr Peta Odgers, Mr Bruce Watson, Mr Tim Wardrop, Mr Gerry Coyle - What Does Return To Work Really Mean?:- Looking Through A New Lens
  • Felix Tang and Adam Searle - Effective Injury Management
  • Fiona Clay, Andrew Palagyi, Alex Collie and Prof Rod McClure - Information-Based Interventions for Injury Recovery: A Review
  • Janneke Berecki-Gisolf, Fiona Clay, Rasa Ruseckaite, Alex Collie and Rod McClure - Four Outcome Measures of Return to Work After Compensation for Work-Related Injury or Disease: Insights from WorkSafe Victoria Claims Record
  • Paul Jennings and Alex Collie - Burden of Injury in Australia: Identification of Sources of Injury Outcomes Data

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